Derek Kershner

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To Kollective Hiring Manager:

I recently came into some additional time availability, and am looking to utilize it to experience something new. While my skills may tend towards the web, Kollective seems to have some interesting technologies in play and I think the skills I can bring to the table are a solid fit within them as many of the technologies share language (C# for ASP.NET Core is the same C# used in WPF, Console, and other .NET apps).

On the server side of things, I do tend to lean heavier into containers & Kubernetes, but in recent past I have solid experience with Windows Server bare metal and some VMs.

I think you will find my skillset and experience to be quite well-rounded and a solid match for many of the job requirements you have laid out in the C# Enginner position:
  • I have a proven track record by running many distributed, microservices based applications in the cloud, mostly built in .NET core, for the past 6 years.
  • Because I work in startups under constrained resources, automating deployments was a complete must, and so CI/CD and DevOps practices are a built-in mindset for me.
  • Kubernetes is my environment of choice for any business critical app, and I have had a great experience maintaining uptime and availability within clusters for several years (right about when Kubernetes became stable and popular).
  • I spend nearly all of my time consuming and constructing APIs and User Interfaces.
  • I love to learn new things, and spend my free time watching courses on Pluralsight.

If you want more information than I have provided in either my resume or this cover letter, please see my LinkedIn.

I look forward to the challenge. Thank you for your consideration.


Derek Kershner