Derek Kershner

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To Polly Hiring Manager:

I have been a firm supporter and user of Slack for several years now. In managing a distributed team, I found it invaluable in keeping the team feeling connected. I never had a need for Polly, given we had so few employees, but I did see it in the store, and I even developed a little internal slackbot for our team.

I think you will find my skillset and experience to be quite well-rounded and a solid match for many of the job requirements you have laid out in the Senior Full Stack Software Engineer position:


  • I have a proven track record by planning, architecting, developing, testing, deploying, running, monitoring, and optimizing many distributed, microservices based applications in the cloud for the past 6 years. This extends all the way from top to bottom, from the data stack to automated deployments using infrastructure as code. My portfolio has some examples and principles of how I design.
  • I am never one to overpromise and underdeliver. Ever.


  • I am a polyglot programmer able to be productive in several languages. You have specifically called out React, which is my strongest framework (this letter and my resume are written in React/TypeScript and use Babel/Webpack). I have lots of JS experience (I use TypeScript as I find it makes me more productive and the code more readable). I have learned Node, but will admit to having a lack of production experience due to primarily using C#. I am, however, happy to learn more, as I am finding JS more pleasurable to write with the modern ECMAScript releases.
  • I have lots of experience with containers, as it is my favored and primary target for software. I am unsure if Kubernetes is in play, but given your scale, I would say that my experience there is likely valuable as well.
  • I manage developers using Agile methodology (albeit scrum-less due to offshore time zone issues) and am familiar with organizing work into bite-size, time-sensitive sprints for myself and others. My communication and organization skills have been up to the task of keeping track of broad scopes in both projects and people.
  • I have lots of experience in both relational (RDBMS / SQL) and non-relational (NoSQL) data structures. MSSQL and MySQL were the focus of the SQL side, and the NoSQL side is much broader, ranging from Key-Value stores like Redis or Table Storage, to Document stores like Mongo & Cosmos DB.
  • I was also the DevOps/Site Reliability Engineer for all of our projects, and therefore have experience with Serverless, VMs, Proxies, and Containers. I could readily be the on-call engineer in short order.


  • I love to learn new things, and spend my free time watching courses on Pluralsight to ensure I stay up to date on best practices and learn new technologies.

If you want more information than I have provided in either my resume or this cover letter, please see my LinkedIn.

P.S. I think your LinkedIn job posting is connected to a Spanish food company, not you guys.

I look forward to the challenge. Thank you for your consideration.


Derek Kershner