>Derek Kershner<

Full-stack Software Engineer, DevOps Practitioner, & Cloud Architect

Full-Stack Cloud Native

  • Kubernetes has proven itself a valuable ally for the reliability sought for business critical applications. At time of writing, we have 70+ pods deployed in 2 clusters. The pods consist of everything from ASP.Net Core to Redis.
  • From the start of serverless technology's existence, I have whole heartedly embraced the cutting edge of the technology. In this effort, Azure Functions V2 (.Net Core 2.0) are one of the primary vehicles for our software and provide the data processing and simple APIs.
  • ASP.Net Core in combination with Entity Framework Core make a beautiful, easy to create, and performant solution to Sites and APIs, with piles of middleware to boot.
  • React combined into ASP.Net Core (or deployed separately for simple sites like this one) gives all the interactivity to the interface one could desire. I have found layering TypeScript over React makes the code much, much less error prone.
  • Azure DevOps has saved me countless hours of deployments by automating everything. Since we use GitOps for our configuration, everything is is handled automatically, soup to nuts.

Code Challenges

  • These are generally tests handed out by interviewers to test coding prowess and vary widely.

Enterprise Marketplace

  • Warehouse management system with multiple location ability and a 3rd Party Logistics distribution billing/reporting portal.
  • Several options of integration for Drop Ship Partners, with product and inventory updating for each option.
  • Marketplace style products, with multiple variants per product, and multiple sellers per variant, including the warehouses and/or drop ship partners in competition with one another.
  • Outward Channel integrations to front end frameworks and 3rd Party Marketplaces.

Shopify Search Engine

  • Fast. Shopify's default search was not meeting performance expectations.
  • Synonyms of searched words.
  • Redirection of certain terms to various site pages.
  • Custom fields used in searching and more page types returned than Shopify's default.
  • Custom weighting of fields and "Boosting" of certain result sets based on criteria.

Social / Learning